Tuesday Update/Message from Dr. Champ

This is our final week of school, and I would have never imagined that we would have ended the school year during these distressing times.  Though I have only served the Wilder community for two years, my experiences and knowledge base grew significantly.  Within two years, I have learned about the power of advocacy in meeting the needs of all students, families, and our community.  We have had the opportunity to reflect, plan, and implement programs that serve diverse populations in our county and community.  I have truly enjoyed working, learning, and growing with our scholars, staff, families, and community.  Although I am moving on to begin a new position, I am excited to continue to support our community and witness the continuous growth and development of our scholars.  Thank you for your support, and I wish you all much success!
Please see the notices and announcements below, don’t forget to follow the CDC guidelines, and be safe!

Attention 8th Grade Scholars:
Don’t forget to participate in the activities outlined on Schoology and School Messenger that was sent to your families.


Here is a recap from the weekly HCPS communication.

Summer student pathways:
Summer learning pathways are part of HCPS’ “Henrico Edflix” learning plan and will enable all students to build skills directly related to the grade-level content they will encounter during the 2020-21 school year.  Some of the pathways are designed for students who may have gaps in learning, while others are designed for review, enrichment and acceleration.  There are also several exceptional education options under consideration for students with disabilities.  The plan will include students who, in other years, might have taken part in HCPS’ Summer Academy, accelerated learning or extended-school-year programs.  For details about the pathways, go to HCPS’ On-Demand Learning webpage at https://henricoschools.us/covid19/ondemandlearning/.


Fall options for 2020-21 school year:
Henrico County Public Schools is considering five possible formats for 2020-21 school attendance, depending on factors related to the pandemic.  New safety measures would be adopted for on-campus options, and under all options, the pace of learning would be adjusted to include content students may have missed in the spring.  The five options under consideration are:

  • Option A: On-campus learning.  All students would be back on campus, with new, possibly unprecedented, safety measures in place.
  • Option B: Remote learning that is structured and enhanced.  All students would participate in required daily remote learning that includes graded schoolwork.  While HCPS’ March closure necessitated emergency distance-learning measures, this option would more closely resemble the traditional expectations of a typical school day.
  • Option C: Interrupted on-campus learning.  All students would be back on campus for several weeks or months at a time, which could be interrupted by periods of structured remote learning in response to health concerns that may arise.
  • Option D: Hybrid learning.  One portion of the student body would attend classes on campus for a period of time, while another portion would learn remotely.  The two groups might switch after a number of months, or alternate days on campus to build a blended learning environment.  Having fewer students on campus would make it easier to implement distancing guidelines.
  • Option E: Parallel learning.  Part of the student body would attend all classes on campus while another group would learn remotely for the entire school year because of choice or necessity.  This option would not require students to alternate days, unless a student needed to shift from one track to the other.

Each of the five options would require extensive coordination and planning by HCPS staff members.  At this time a final plan has not been determined.  The school division will make additional announcements as plans continue to be developed in accordance with health and safety guidelines.


Kindergarten and new student registration for 2020-21:
Enroll your kindergartner (or any new student entering grades K-12) online! Visit our registration page to get started.  The online registration portal is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Registration page link).


2021-22 school calendar survey:
We want to know what you think about starting the school year before or after Labor Day in the year 2021.  Visit the Calendary Options page for more information about the two options, and to take a survey (calendar options link).


HCPS Annual Financial Plan for 2020-21:
A message was sent to all HCPS employees earlier this week about the amended HCPS Annual Financial Plan for the fiscal year that begins on July 1.  Please visit the following link to the Budget and Financial page for more information (Annual Financial Plan link).


Virtual Learning– Please continue to have your children to engage in the virtual learning opportunities provided via School.  Don’t forget if your child is taking a high school credit course, they need to complete all required learning by June 12 (Henrico Edflix Timline link).


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me, your child’s teacher, grade level school counselor, or grade level administrator.  Have a wonderful summer!

Dr. Champ, Principal