Wolverine Weekly Newsletter

Square with "Wolverine Weekly" textGreetings Wolverines!

I hope that you are enjoying an amazing summer with your sweet children! My 7 and 13 year old kids are having a blast at summer camp and they are gearing up for the fall sports season. I am also taking time to take bask in the sun, catch up with friends, and plan for the 2021-2022 school year! I want you to have information to plan for your family so that you can finalize your end of season activities! Please be on the lookout for a weekly Sunday phone call and a newsletter sent via text.


I look forward to leading the Wolverine Pack this year!

Summer Wishes,
Mrs. Broudy


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This week’s highlights include:

  • Summer Laptop Collection
  • Virginia Tax-Free Shopping Weekend
  • News for Rising 7th Grade Students
  • Save the Date
    • Paw Pals
    • GYSA Prep
    • “Eat and Greet” Open House
    • Back to School Night
    • Fall Parent-Student-Teacher Conference Day