School Counseling

Counseling Staff:


Services Provided to Students

  • Classroom guidance (scheduling, study skills, decision making), bullying, anger management, etc.
  • Individual counseling (school-related or personal issues)
  • Career exploration
  • Support for students experiencing behavioral or academic difficulties in the school environment
  • Recognition programs
  • Group counseling
  • 504 Case Management
  • Obtaining homebound services


Services Provided to Teachers

  • Consultation with parents, teachers and students
  • Attend teacher conferences upon request
  • Mediate conflicts between teachers and students
  • Reinforce classroom policies and procedures
  • Provide assistance with the Child Study process and developmental issues

Services Provided to Parents

  • Consultation about issues pertinent to their child
  • Provide referrals to mental health departments and other agencies
  • Attend teacher conferences upon request
  • Conduct workshops to help parents gain a greater understanding of the daily rigors of middle school children and help plan their child’s academic future

Additional Functions

  • Prejudice Awareness
  • Child Study and Eligibility Meetings
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Career Day

In order to get a work permit now, you must go to The school system will no longer have an active role in the Child Labor Permit Process.