REMINDER: Schedule Changes

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Henrico families,

This message is to confirm our plans for the remainder of this week:

Thursday, Sept. 13: Normal school day. However, all after-school activities are now cancelled.

Friday, Sept. 14: Henrico County Public Schools will be CLOSED for all students and staff. This includes 12-month employees (Code 0).

Saturday, Sept. 15: Schools CLOSED for community activities and events.

Sunday, Sept 16: Schools CLOSED for community activities and events.

Monday, Sept. 17 and beyond: To be determined.

Given the updated weather forecast, we have received a small amount of feedback that our decision to close on Friday was made too early, or that we should reconsider. However, we receive information from numerous state and local sources, including the Henrico County Office of Emergency Management. As of this morning, Henrico OEM is still anticipating rain along with windy conditions beginning on Friday. This means an increased chance of power outages, downed trees and localized flooding.

We believe in the advice of emergency management experts to make plans early and to communicate those plans early. In this case we announced our plan approximately three days prior to landfall based on the best available information at the time. The safety of our students and staff will always be our top priority, and this decision allowed families ample time to take precautions and plan accordingly. Separately, certain Henrico County schools may also be needed as emergency shelters, but that is not currently in effect at this time.

Like you, we will remain vigilant as the storm approaches. If a major hurricane ends up producing “only” rain in Henrico County, then we will be very thankful that the situation did not end up being worse.

To stay up to date on school system information there are several sources:

Voicemail, email, text messages sent to your contact information on file.


Facebook: @HenricoCountyPublicSchools

Instagram: @henricocountyschools

Twitter: @HenricoSchools

(On social media, search #ReadyHenrico and #FlorenceVA for up-to-date local information.)

Detailed information about the school system’s methods of communication are also available here:

To sign up for emergency alerts by Henrico County government’s “Code Red” community notification system, visit


Thanks for your time, attention and support of Henrico County Public Schools!

Andy Jenks

Director, Communications and Public Relations